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I am a developer, entrepreneur and tech chat-show host. In a previous life I was a musician.

I’ve been coding stuff on the web since 1994. During that time I’ve built, launched and marketed quite a few mobile and web apps. Most recently I’ve built and bootstrapped a subscription based Twitter Client (that now has 5000+ users) and an iPad game that achieved #1 ranking on the app store for dice games.

A few languages I know and love are:

PHP 5, mySQL, CodeIgniter, CakePhp, ezSQL, Zend, Drupal, jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Raphael, DHTML HTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, iPhone, iPad, Titanium, Facebook API, Twitter API, Google Maps, etc.

I’ve held CTO, technical architect, and team lead positions at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. I have a holistic approach to building online businesses, with a deep understanding for user interface, business strategy, internet marketing, team management and hard-core coding.

I’m an open source advocate. My open source software ezSQL is used on over 100k websites and is the backbone of many open source projects such as WordPress.

I’m presently available/unavailable for consulting contracts.

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