Honor in Business

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Have you ever had business dealings with someone who treated you without honor? I personally believe that one does not need to step-on other people in order to get ahead in business.

Both myself, and friends of mine, have been on the receiving end of dishonorable business dealings at one point or another during our career.

Ultimately, how you decide to treat people you do business with is up to you. But remember, as you sail along, you will be leaving in your wake ripples of either honor or dishonor.

Posted by on August 4, 2012 in Musings


  • PJ Brunet says:

    Well look at ConnectU, sounds to me like Zuckerberg stole the Winklevos twins’ code. Similar story with Twitter, they fired the guy who created it and gave him no credit. I think Shakespeare said, “The truth will out.”

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