The “Tiny Software Company” Revolution

There’s a new phenomenon taking hold. This is the era of the “Tiny Software Company”.

Indi-developers are are starting their own “mom-and-pop” software companies all over the world.

And they’re leaving work. And they’re making a full time living.

Peldi started a million dollar industry with one simple Adobe air app. Patrick Mckenzie is making a full time living from his ridiculously nich app Bingo Card Creator. I’ve been pulling in $1000/month for the past year with Pluggio. Taylor Norish makes a great living from PrintFriendly. Pete Michaud became financially free at 25. The list goes on.

So what this all amounts to is…

“If you’re a software developer with an idea… GET OFF YOUR ASS and MAKE IT HAPPEN! There’s never been a better time! ;)”

(p.s. Post links to your projects in the comments below)

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  • Ben Boyter says:

    Although its not really in any of the mentioned websites leagues I released this just last week,

    It was a weekend project which grew out of my frustration with the PHP API and wanting to search over it quickly. I have modified it a few times since then and I am pretty happy with it. :)

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